School Behaviour and Discipline

High standards of responsible behaviour are expected of, and achieved by the children. Our over-riding aim is to provide positive education in responsibility, self-control and co-operation based upon mutual respect for the needs and feelings of others. We create a caring and happy atmosphere in which children can develop in self-confidence and become increasingly aware of themselves and each other. We expect children to show courtesy and consideration for others, to exercise common sense and to accept responsibilities within the school.

Unacceptable behaviour is not tolerated but when it occurs it may involve the child in either loss of privileges or an extra task to perform in his/her own time. This is usually very effective. Parents are involved fully if the school feels that children are behaving inappropriately. We prefer to be positive in this matter and to praise for good behaviour and achievement. We try to foster self-discipline.

The Ryde School Golden Rules

There are six simple rules for everyone to follow. These are:

  • We are gentle - we don’t hurt others
  • We are kind and helpful - we don’t hurt anybody’s feelings
  • We listen - we don’t interrupt
  • We are honest - we don’t cover up the truth
  • We work hard - we don’t waste time
  • We look after property - we don’t damage things

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Latest News

The Spring term has been a very full one, with lots of interesting and exciting events happening and children producing a high standard of work.

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