Class 1 Curriculum 2017 SummerTerm

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Topics Covered:       Main Topic:  The Seaside

Arts and Creativity

Observational drawings of seaside objects using these skills:

  • Use lines of different sizes and thickness.
  • Use pattern and texture by adding dots and lines
  • Use different tones by using coloured pencils.

Citizenship and Ethics

  • Steps to Goals
  • Celebrating My Successes + Overcoming Obstacles
  • Being clean and Healthy

Faith and Belief

  • Belonging to a group religious and otherwise
  • Morals and actions found in religious tales from around the world

Language, Oracy and Literacy

  • Letters and sounds (continue to introduce high frequency words and phonemes and encourage children to use these in order to read and spell words)
  • To follow verbal instructions
  • To explore and discuss different types of instructions
  • To use imperative verbs (bossy verbs)
  • To write a set of instructions for making a sandwich
  • To write a postcard (recount writing)
  • To listen to and discuss the stories in the Light House Keepers Lunch series
  • To write a recount of an event in the light house keepers lunch


  • Finding 1 more and 1 less and 10 more and 10 less
  • Use number bonds to add and subtract 1 digit numbers from 2 digit numbers: 5+5= 10 so   25+5= 30
  • To draw and interpret data on tally charts, block graphs and simple tables.
  • Find half of all numbers to 10 and then to 20

    Identify even numbers and begin to learn halves

  • Recognise halves and quarters of shapes and begin to know 2/2=1, 4/4=1 and 2/4=1/2
  • Recognise, name and know value of coins 1p–£2 and £5 and £10 notes

Place and Time

  • Looking at the coast of the UK
  • To locate some seaside towns on a map of the UK
  • To use geographical language including; beach, coast, forest, hill, river, valley, vegetation and weather
  • To explore differences overtime by making observations of primary sources (Seaside Box)

Physical and Emotional Health

  • Gymnastics
  • Move with some control and awareness of space.
  • Travel by rolling forwards, backwards and sideways. 
  • Climb safely on equipment.
  • Stretch and curl to develop flexibility.
  • Jump in a variety of ways and land with increasing control and balance.

Science and Technology

  • Experiment using ice and cream to make instant ice-cream
  • To try and evaluate sandwich ingredients expressing likes and dislikes
  • To design and make a sandwich hygienically
  • To evaluate their product making suggestions on how to improve next time T
  • To take part in filming a news report


  • Class One will be having a Seaside Day at school.
  • We will also be receiving a Seaside box from Hertford Museum                         
How you can help your child:
  • Regular support with reading and phonics skills.
  • Reading to your child and visiting the library.
  • Maths games and practical mathematical experiences eg  cooking/shopping.
  • Building and making using construction kits or recycled boxes etc.
  • Art activities to improve fine motor skills such as cutting with scissors/ folding paper/ simple sewing etc.
  • A walk around their local area to identify key features.

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Latest News

The Spring term has been a very full one, with lots of interesting and exciting events happening and children producing a high standard of work.

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