Class 2 Curriculum 2017 Summer Term

Curriculum Area

Topics Covered 

First half term:  Plants, animals and their habitats. Second half term: Transport and Movement

Arts and Creativity

  • Making observational drawings of plants.
  • Painting pictures of flowers using the work of known artists to create artwork in different styles.
  • To create a clay tile with plant and leaf imprints. 

Citizenship and Ethics

  • To use the Jigsaw PHSE Scheme to promote ideas about Dreams and Goals. Identifying successes and achievements.
  • Animal care and the roles and responsibilities associated with caring for animals.

Faith and Belief

  • To learn about the key religious leader and their roles.

Language, Oracy and Literacy

  • To include a book Study: The Twits by Roald Dahl.
  • To use the text to think about issues to do with animal care.
  • To develop the use of adjectives to describe characters and settings.
  • To write extended stories based on the style of a known author.
  • Non Chronological Reports: To research and write about animals in our school environment.
  • To use paragraphs and sections to write reports about the animals studied.
  • Stories about nocturnal animals will be used to support learning about animals and their habitats.  
  • To use pattern and rhythm in poetry to compose animal poems.
  • To write explanations and information about Transport now and then.


  • Maths work to include: adding and subtracting using partitioning and blank number lines.
  • To solve word problems involving money and ‘real life’ situations.
  • To know the relationship between division, multiplication and fractions.
  • To sort 3D and 2D shape according to their properties.
  • To know the different units of measure for capacity, weight and length.
  • To tell the time using digital and analogue clocks.

Place and Time

How has transport changed over time?
  • Transport Now and Then To include a study of changes and events in living memory in our local area.
  • This will include a study of the history of transport.
  • The class will use primary and secondary sources to investigate transport through time.

Physical and Emotional Health

  • Class Two will have weekly PE sessions with an outside provider. This will focus on games, teamwork and ball skills.  

Science and Technology


What do plants need for growth?

What is a habitat?

How are animals adapted to their habitat?

  • Plants, animals and their habitats.
  • To investigate the conditions for plant growth by growing tomatoes from seed.
  • To investigate habitats in our school grounds and the plants and animals found there.
  • We will visit Lee Valley and carry out a habitat investigation.
  • We will investigate how a certain creature is suited to their habitat.
  • To know about forces as pushes and pulls and how these forces relate to movement and vehicles.
  • We will design and make a wheeled vehicle.

  • A trip to Lee Valley Park
How you can help your child:                                 
  • Hear your child read and ask questions about what they have read.
  • Spell plurals and learn spelling rules for when suffixes and prefixes are added  to words.  
  • Children can carry out research on the topics outlined above by visiting the library and using ICT and Purple Mash.
  • Learning times tables and related division for at least 2,3,4,5 and 10 times tables.
  • Look on Purple Mash for extra home activities


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