Class 3 Curriculum 2017 Summer Term

Curriculum Area

Topics Covered:

Arts and Creativity
  • Explore repeated patterns linked to the Islamic religion.
  • Create repeated patterns inspired by works of art.
  • Anatomical drawings              
Citizenship and Ethics
  • Jigsaw: Dreams and goals
  • Healthy me
  • Relationships 
  • Changing me
Faith and Belief 
  • Explore rules and how they influence behaviour.
  • Learn about special and sacred places for Christians and Muslims.
Language, Oracy and Literacy 
  • Narrative - adventure stories.
  • Explanation texts
  • Poetry - limericks, tankas
  • Take one poet - performance poetry
  • Persuasive writing

  • Four operations
  • Shape and Symmetry
  • Measures
  • Data handling
  • Telling the time
  • Finding fractions, decimals and percentages
Place and Time
  • Early Islamic civilisation
Physical and Emotional Health 
  • Swimming Field and striking games
Science and Technology
  • Plant- exploring the life cycle of a plant, name and identify different parts of a plant and their functions and what plants need to grow.
  • Animals, including humans.
  • ICT: use programming to create a simple animation.


  • Outdoors and adventurous week
  • Proposed trip to Tring Museum


How you can help your child:

  • Encourage your children to read daily and talk to them about what they have read.
  • Practise times tables up to 12 x 12 so that they are fluent.
  • Practise mental maths in real life contexts (e.g. shopping: money, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; weights and measures: using scales, converting etc).
  • Practise telling the time, analogue and digital.                               

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Latest News

Latest News

The Spring term has been a very full one, with lots of interesting and exciting events happening and children producing a high standard of work.

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