Nursery Curriculum 2017 Summer Term 2

Curriculum Area  

Special days this half term include:        Outdoor and Adventure Week, Sports day, Transition Day              

Communication and language

  • I will develop my attention and active listening skills through listening to stories and to my friends 1:1, in small and large groups.
  • I will listen to instructions when learning new games.
  • I will develop speaking skills through talking about myself, what I am doing and my interests.
  • I will ask questions to find out information and begin to explain what I am doing   
  • I will be learning directional language when using Beebots.
  • I will explore sounds and letters through phonic activities.               

Physical development

  • I will continue to explore PE equipment outdoors ; using a large ball , playing games in small and large groups
  • I will be able to take part in our class Sports Day
  • I will continue to learn using all my senses and being to talk about what I see and hear around me.
  • I will be learning how to keep my body safe and healthy e.g. healthy foods, wearing appropriate clothing.
  • I will continue to develop my skills to move in different ways with increasing control and co-ordination.
  • I will be developing my ability to handle and use tools appropriately and safely.
  • I will think about the differences in my body when I am moving fast and when I am resting.
  • I will take turns to help prepare our snack with an adult.
  • I will show increasing independence in dressing/ undressing, taking shoes and wellies on and off.                

Personal, social and emotional development

  • I will be taking part in weekly Jigsaw circle time. 
  • I will think of interesting questions for our ‘Question of the day’ to find out more about my friends.
  • I will be making friends with a new reading buddy.
  • I will be independently choosing most of the activities which I take part in during the day which will empower me to be an active learner.
  • I will be able to role-play with other children, showing respect to each other and listening to their ideas.
  • I will continue to practice taking turns when playing games and sharing toys with friends.
  • I will have opportunities to meet and take part in transition activities with my Reception class teacher. 


  • I will be continue to practise ‘Write Dance’ mark making sequences.
  • I will be listening to stories and poems in English and information from non –fiction books.
  • I will be listening to a range of poetry with my reading buddy from Year 4.
  • I will be having a go mark making including graphemes, numerals and shapes using different materials.
  • I will have a go at making up stories about the toys I play with.
  • I will have a go at rhyming and alliteration games and join in tongue twisters.  


  • I will be using my counting skills to count in 1’s using 1:1 correspondence and practise recognising numerals.
  • I will be comparing how much containers can hold and using language related to capacity.
  • I will have a go at making marks to record how many or write a numeral for the total number in a group. 
  • I will be arranging 2D and 3D shapes to build models.
  • I will practise using directional language to play indoor and outdoor games.
  • I will have a go at estimating and sorting objects into groups. 
  • I will use language comparing sizes of toys and objects.

Understanding the world

  • I will continue to be investigate places, objects, materials and living things by using all of my senses.  
  • I will continue to use a mark making computer programme on the computer and SMART board.  
  • I will have a go at putting on the CD for our wake and shake activities.
  • I will join in with weekly Forest School activities outdoors.
  • I will be learning about how my friends celebrate special days in different cultures e.g. Ramada.
  • I will be planting seeds to observe how they grow and change over time.
  • I will observe animal  life cycles , looking at changes as they develop e.g. tadpoles and caterpillars. 
  •  I will explore different ICT toys e.g. talking postcards/Beebots and take photos on the I-pad.

Expressive arts and design

  • I will make marks with a range of media and create my own designs.
  • I will play and make up stories with small world toys.
  • I will have go using a range of recyclable materials and media to make props for my role - play. 
  • I will be learning to dance/move and listen to a range of different musical styles.
  • I will mix my own colours with powder paints.
  • I will continue to be explore different musical instruments and the range of sounds they make.
  • I will role-play with other children some of my favourite characters using dressing up.
  • I will sing new and familiar songs with older children in Reception.
  • I will explore different ways to use a range of foods in cooking sessions.
  • I will make an item from wood and clay using appropriate tools e.g. sand paper, hammer and nails, rolling pin.


Enrichment Activities   How you can help your child:

  • Visit the library to get story books or look for children’s information books to about their current interests.
  • Let your child see you and other family members reading and writing in different situations e.g. shopping list / timetables.
  • Play I-spy games for initial letter sound recognition and increase vocabulary of objects.
  • Look for numbers, letters and shapes when out walking e.g. rectangle manhole cover, cylinder post box, speed signs, labels, notices, street names or everyday objects at home e.g. circle shape clock, triangle shaped sandwiches.
  • Use language of capacity – full, empty, half empty when making a drink or children playing in bath or at sink with water or cooking at home e.g. bowl of cereal.
  • Order items of different sizes e.g.  - Shoes – who has biggest/smallest feet? 
  • Talk about patterns and colours on clothes; extend range of names for colours for different shades  e.g. turquoise, crimson, light green, dark green, orangey-red.
  • Go outdoors to play and explore the natural world to notice seasonal changes.
  • Daily reading of a picture story book or creating a made up story with your child using toy props.
  • Singing songs and rhymes and listening to a variety of music at home or in the car, talking about instruments they can hear and the sounds they make.
  • Talk to your child about what you are doing and why you are doing it.
  • Supervise scissor skills practice on a range of materials e.g. cutting on lines drawn on old greetings cards or snipping different thicknesses of playdough,
  • Encourage independence in dressing and undressing, taking shoes and socks on and off. This will prepare them for when they need to get changed by themselves for PE in Reception.

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