Reception Curriculum 2017 Summer Term

Curriculum Area

Topics Covered

Communication and language

  • I will continue to listen to and discuss stories, rhymes and poems on a daily basis.
  • I will continue to use puppets and resources to retell stories and create new ones.
  • I will listen to and follow instructions.

Physical development

  • I will continue to experiment with different ways of moving, going over, under and through equipment.
  • I will learn how to safely balance on and jump off of equipment.
  • I will continue to learn how to handle tools, objects and malleable materials safely and with increasing control to make things.

Personal, social and emotional development

  • I will learn about what makes a good friend.
  • I will learn how to deal with arguments and how to solve problems myself.
  • I will learn what to do when I feel angry.  


  • I will continue to use the sounds I have learnt to read new words.

  • I will answer questions about the books I read and listen to.

  • I will continue learning how to write joint up letters.

  • I will use the sounds and letters I have learnt to write to write words and simple sentences.                


  • I will recognise and write numbers to 20.
  • I will count on a certain number from the number I already have in order to count how much I have altogether.
  • I will take a number away from the number I already have by counting back.
  • I will measure the length and height of objects by using different things eg. pencils, blocks, cars.
  • I will learn how to read the time to the half hour.
  • I will recognise and name 3D shapes and their properties.

Understanding the world

  • I will use simple programs on a computer to make pictures.

  • I will learn how to program robots to make them move.

  • I will learn about animals that live under the ground and up in the sky.

  • I will learn about the different weather and how my environment changes during the four seasons.
  • I will learn about different plants and what they need to grow.

Expressive arts and design

  • I will continue to learn new songs and dances.
  • I will look at pictures by different artists and have a go at making my own version.
  • I will continue improving my play by playing cooperatively with my peers, sharing toys and listening to each other's ideas.



  • Visit from a dental nurse to learn how to keep our teeth healthy
  • Trip to Knebworth House to look at the dinosaurs
  • Sports Day

How you can help your child:                                                                             

  • Continue to listen to your child read on a daily basis and ask them questions about the book.
  • Look at the plants in your garden or local environment and talk about what they are called, the different parts and what they need to grow.
  • Observe the weather and talk about what we should wear for example when it is raining, sunny etc.
  • Use Purple Mash to develop their ICT skills.
  • Go to the playground to practise balancing skills and using different apparatus to go over, under and through it.
  • Continue to play lots of counting games, look out for 3D shapes in the environment and talk about the time and relate it to your child’s routine


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Latest News

The Spring term has been a very full one, with lots of interesting and exciting events happening and children producing a high standard of work.

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