Artist in Residence

Classes 4 and 5 were involved in a very exciting project with Christy Avraam, a talented artist who specialises in ceramics. The children worked on the National Gallery’s Take One Picture programme with Christy to create some stunning mosaics for our library courtyard.

The theme for the mosaics, the luxuries of life, came from the National Gallery’s chosen picture ‘Still Life with Drinking-Horn’ by Willem Kalf. It has been very interesting for the children to see the processes needed to create the mosaics.

Some elderly residents were able to place tiles onto the mosaics, when they came for their weekly lunch at the school.

The designs show the luxuries and feelings that make the children of The Ryde feel happy. 

Harry and Barry, the school guinea-pigs, are included to symbolise the way the children love and care for them, their friends and family.

The Oak tree is the school’s symbol and represents growth and strength through learning.  The heart represents love, friendship and everything treasured within the school.

The mosaics have been mounted in frames and are now brightening up the walls of the library courtyard, for everyone to enjoy.

A photographer from the local newspaper came to interview some of the children and to take a picture of the finished work.


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Latest News

The Spring term has been a very full one, with lots of interesting and exciting events happening and children producing a high standard of work.

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