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Class 5 have been very busy coding in computing this term.  First they learnt how to code the micro:bit, the children learnt how to use create an algorithm to turn the micro:bit into a graphical dice.  They had to create their own programme and design their own LED outputs to represent different digits.  Some of …

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Brass Concert

Over the past 12 months, Class 5 have been learning, practising and preparing with their brass instruments.  Initially they were practising in their three separate groups (two cornet and one baritone) and gradually integrated to create a brass orchestra.  The children have worked so hard and finally all their determination paid off culminating in a …

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Romeo and Juliet

Class 5 were lucky enough to take part in an interactive drama workshop based on William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’.  Together with Class 6, the children played some of the parts and there were lots of conversations sparked about the themes and language used in the play. The workshop left the class enthused about studying …

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Learning Outside the Classroom Day

We investigated friction by measuring how far a toy car travelled on different surfaces.

Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies

The children in Year 4 and Year 5 worked incredibly hard to rehearse and perform this production to the school and their parents. The children enjoyed the rehearsals as well as learning the songs, dances and the DREADFUL JOKES. It was enjoyable for the children as well as the adults. Dreadful jokes and silly sock …

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National Gallery

Year 5 were excited to visit the National Gallery and see some of the famous paintings that are in the gallery. They saw Whistle Jacket, The Bathers, Shipwreck on a Stormy Sea (which we studied in Year 4), Surprised! (which we have studied this year – Year 5) and Persius lifting Medusas head. Afterwards we …

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Shakespeare Workshop – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This workshop was for Classes 5 and 6 and performed by The Young Shakespeare Company. Some children volunteered to join in the performance; 4 people from Year 5 and 3 people from Year 6. The children had to dress up as a characters from the story, Hypolita, Duke T, Helena, Demetruis, Lysander and Hermia. The …

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Micro:Bit Workshop

Year 5 took part in a micro:bit coding workshop. At the start, they learnt what a micro:bit was and how it worked. The leaders showed them how a diamond was protected. They saw all the sensors that showed if someone was coming close by. Then, they demonstrated some coding on the micro bit which displayed …

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Gingerbread City

“How would you design a community centre fit for the climate crisis?”  On Monday 14th November 2022, this was the challenge Tori Flower set Year 5 as part of a co-design project with The Ryde School and the Museum of Architecture. She ran a workshop where they explored the consequences and causes of climate change, …

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Imperial War Museum – Duxford

In Year 5, the children have been learning about the changes at the start of World War 2, evacuation and rationing. To consolidate their learning, they recently visited the Imperial War Museum Duxford. The children started by visiting the Land Warfare exhibition where they saw tanks and military vehicles and discovered how fighting on land …

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