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Gingerbread City

“How would you design a community centre fit for the climate crisis?”  On Monday 14th November 2022, this was the challenge Tori Flower set Year 5 as part of a co-design project with The Ryde School and the Museum of Architecture. She ran a workshop where they explored the consequences and causes of climate change, …

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Imperial War Museum – Duxford

In Year 5, the children have been learning about the changes at the start of World War 2, evacuation and rationing. To consolidate their learning, they recently visited the Imperial War Museum Duxford. The children started by visiting the Land Warfare exhibition where they saw tanks and military vehicles and discovered how fighting on land …

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 Planetarium comes to school!

Our knowledge about space increased when an inflatable Planetarium came to school. During the day everyone had a chance to go inside and have a quick lesson, but Year 5 enjoyed a full hour of astronomy facts as it was one of our science topics. First of all we had to split into three groups …

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Hatfield House

To start the term, we went on a whole school trip to Hatfield House. We had a focus of Maths and Geography. Year 5 first followed the blue trail on the map they were given. They then followed the blue trail using the map and marked on any points of interest e.g. the Elizabeth Oak …

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Science at The Ryde School 2021 – 2022

  Class 5 have explored the parts of a flowering plant. They dissected a lily and identified the parts that help them reproduce.           The whole school had a visit from Mrs Thomas who came to speak to use about hedgehogs and how to protect them. Class 5 were very interested …

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National Gallery

Class 5 went to The National Gallery in London on Tuesday 12th July. On the way we saw Buckingham Palace and drove along The Mall. We were amazed to see some of the paintings we have studied in class like A Shipwreck on Stormy Seas by Vernet and The Fighting Temeraire by William Turner. We …

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Water Sports

Class 5 have been taking part in water sports sessions every week for 5 weeks. We have taken part in a range of activities including paddle boarding, canoeing and kayaking. Every week, we have had to overcome different challenges some of us have felt nervous, some of us found it difficult to steer or control …

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Outdoor and Adventurous Week

Class 5 have had a great week taking part in outdoor and adventurous week 2022. They have taken part in a wide range of activities which have tested a range of different skills, including; their team work, money handling, communication skills and problem solving abilities. Some of the activities that we did this year included; …

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Cooking and Nutrition

In Design and Technology, we have been looking at traditional British dishes. We discussed what national dishes are and how they are influenced by what is grown or produced in different places and how often traditional dishes from all over the world are eaten and celebrated by other people too. We have made a number …

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Year 5 Orienteering

Year 5 were joined by their parents to take part in an orienteering activity as part of their Forestry Award.