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Cooking and Nutrition

In Design and Technology, we have been looking at traditional British dishes. We discussed what national dishes are and how they are influenced by what is grown or produced in different places and how often traditional dishes from all over the world are eaten and celebrated by other people too. We have made a number …

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Year 5 Orienteering

Year 5 were joined by their parents to take part in an orienteering activity as part of their Forestry Award.

Science Day

On Wednesday 23rd March we took part in Science Day, completing different science activities throughout the day and across the school. In the morning Class 5 investigated the best biscuit for dunking. We had to set up our own experiment thinking about the variables, reliability and fair testing of our investigation. We worked in groups …

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Frame Structure

In DT (design and technology) Class 5 have been making frame structures which are stable. We made prototypes using lots of different resources like matchsticks and gumdrops or newspaper and tape. With each prototype we found new ways of making a structure stable including triangulation and securing joins or weak points. Our final activity was …

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Art printing

In art we have been learning about Ancient Chinese paintings and drawings. We studied ‘The Emperor’s journey to Shu’ and found that colour and shape were very important in Ancient Chinese pieces of art. We looked at colouring mixing to create mood and feelings. We then looked at Ancient Chinese pottery and saw that dragons …

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In Science, Class 5 have been learning about many things this includes the gestation time of different animals, identifying different parts of a flowering plant including what parts make it reproduce, as well as experiments to investigate whether solids dissolve in a liquid to create a solution. Samuel said ‘I enjoyed the investigation when we …

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Computing: Databases

In computing, we have learnt what a database is; how to search for information in a database in different ways; how to enter information into a database and created our own database. The children have worked really hard to decide which fields they wanted in their database and how the information should be entered They …

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PE: Orienteering

Year 5’s PE unit is orienteering, which is a challenging outdoor adventure sport that exercises both the mind and the body. The aim is to navigate in sequence between control points marked on a unique orienteering map and decide the best route to complete the course in the quickest time. We started by creating our …

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World Book Day Potatoes

Here at the Ryde School, we celebrated World Book day on the 22nd March with children bringing in potato book characters from their favourite stories. The children created an array of characters from well-known stories, and these were displayed for everyone in school to see. We are constantly encouraging a love of books in school. Did you …

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Moon Craters

As part of the science Space theme, year 5 students participated in a child led experiment to investigate why some craters on the moon are of different shape and size. With one common variable being the distance of the drop of an object to the box of flour. The children recorded data to analyse how …

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