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  • Shapes

    The Nursery children have been learning about different shapes and how to use them to create pictures.

    They used sponges in different shapes such as circles and a triangle to create a flower picture. The children chose what colour they wanted their flower to be and mixed different paint colours together to get the colour they wanted.

  • Road Safety and Scooterbility

    The Nursery children have been learning how to be safe on the road. We learnt that before we cross the road we must ‘Stop, look, listen, think’. When the road is clear we walk across the road safely holding our grown-ups hand.

    The Nursery children have also completed their Scooterbility training. They learnt how to ride their scooter safely. They learnt how to stop when they get to a kerb; step off of their scooter and walk across the road with their scooter.

  • Science

    The Nursery children have become Scientists this week. We discussed which item/objects would be the best to get the toy animals out of the block of ice. Most of the children predicted that the hammer and ball would be the most effective at breaking away the ice.

    We then decided to test our theories. The children were shocked that the ball and the hammer didn’t work very well at breaking away the ice. An adult poured warm water of the block of ice and the children were very excited when they saw that the ice was melting. We managed to set the toys free from the ice!

  • Baking

    The Nursery children have enjoyed doing lots of baking this term. They have been busy making shortbread biscuits and decorating them with icing to look like fireworks. They had lots of fun saying the sounds of the fireworks as they drizzled the icing and sprinkled the sprinkles on top.

    They have also been making gingerbread men by carefully following the recipe decorating them. The children have enjoyed recreating their baking experience by pretending to bake with our ginger playdough in our gingerbread house.

  • Settling in

    The Nursery children have had a lovely first week settling into Nursery. They have enjoyed exploring all the different areas in the classroom; painting, building and playing in the home corner.

    They have also enjoyed exploring our outdoor area; playing on the slide, balancing on the climbing frames, singing on our outdoor stage and pretending to be builders building a big house in our building area.