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In history we have been learning about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We found out Stone Age people made houses from natural resources or sheltered in caves. I found out Stone Age people wore skin of animals as their clothes and used it for blankets to keep warm.

Written by Vivaan


In geography we have been learning about Water Cycles. First, the water evaporates. Next, the water transforms into clouds (condensation). After that, the cloud gets too heavy then it rains (precipitation). Finally, the water becomes run off and it goes into the sea.

Written by James

  • Henry Moore Foundation

    As part of our art learning this term on digital media and sculpture, we have been learning about Henry Moore so we went to visit his gardens and studios to learn more.

    We had a guided tour where the guide was very impressed with our knowledge and thoughts about Moore’s abstract sculptures. Then we used our iPads to take photographs in different lights using different perspectives including birds eye and worms eye. Then we attempted to take photographs using a forced perspective which were great fun!

  • Forest School Parent Activity

    Today we invited our grown-ups to join us at Forest School.

    We …

    • Built dens
    • Swung in a hammock
    • Climbed trees
    • Made bows and arrows
    • Used the secateurs to cut the willow
    • Drilled holes in wood to make a pendent
    • Made chocolate (mud!) cakes
    • Made willow crowns
    • Made a bird nest
    • Went mini-beast hunting
    • and had so much fun!


  • Fossil Workshop

    This week, Dr. Helen led a fascinating Fossil Workshop in our Science lesson. The workshop provided an engaging, hands-on experience for the children, allowing them to learn about the various types of rocks and categorise them effectively. This interactive approach to learning has significantly improved their knowledge retention and understanding of the subject matter.

  • On World Book Day Oskar read us a Polish version of ‘Hansel and Gretel’ which was very different to the English versions we had heard before. Oskar taught us some key words from the story such as witch, sweets, father and mother in Polish. We then read the story in English adding in our new Polish words instead of the English words in the text. It was great fun to learn words and how to pronounce them in another language.

    We then shared some Polish sweet biscuits which were yummy!

    We then made some gingerbread biscuits as the house in Hansel and Gretel is made from biscuit. We followed instructions on a recipe carefully, weighing out our ingredients accurately and mixing to combine them all. Then we rolled out our mixture and cut shapes. They cooked beautifully and everyone enjoyed eating the biscuits!

    Happy World Book Day everyone!

  • Celtic Harmony

    Year 3 have been enjoying learning about pre-history, Stone Age – Bronze Age – Iron Age, this year. For our school trip we went to Celtic Harmony so we could travel back and experience a day of art in these eras. First we studied events on a timeline then we went into a replica of a cave in France where Stone Age art was discovered. We then recreated some cave art. Next we went to a roundhouse to make a Bronze Age Torc bracelet from copper and tin. After lunch we went to the main roundhouse where there was an open fire to learn more about the Beaker people and make our own beaker from clay. We ended our day with a story where magically a frog turned into a warrior, turning the fire green!

  • A Scarecrow’s Christmas

    Year 1, 2 and 3 put on their Christmas Performance.

    It was full!  Everyone was there!

    We danced with the scarecrow while we were dressed up as white and grey polar bears.  Year 2 were yellow ducks and Year 1 were shiny fish.

    It was fun!

    Written by Oskar

  • Christmas Lunch Day

    After we had pulled our Christmas crackers we tucked in to some yummy turkey.   For pudding we had a choice of gingerbread shapes or cake.  We enjoyed our lunch with happiness.

    Written by Eric

  • Fun in the snow

    On Sunday night it snowed so much.  On Monday at school we went to play in the snow.

    We built a snowman.  We threw snowballs.  We made snow angels.  We used our sledges to slide down the hills.

    We had so much fun.  It was very snowy.

    Written by Reyan

  • The Sword and the Stone

    We had a musical theatre company come into school today.  They performed The Sword and the Stone.  It was really enjoyable.  Some of the children were chosen to take part in the performance.

    Written by Hisham

  • Science at The Ryde School 2021 – 2022


    Class 3 have been investigating skeletons. They drew what they thought a skeleton looked like at the beginning of the year and then have been doing lots of creative activities to develop this knowledge including creating models and completing drawings outside.







    The children have looked at what plants need to survive and the conditions that a seed needs to germinate. As part of this learning they have gone outside and observed the conditions that plants need and then planted some new plants in the school grounds.







    What materials are reflective? How can we see a person walking in the dark? Does light bend?