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Year 3

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  • William Turner Inspired Painting

    This term we looked at William Turner’s paintings and had a gallery experience in the school hall.  We then found out about him and his style and made a knowledge page all about him and his artwork.

    We have built on our colour mixing skills, we recapped some of the things we did last year and went even further by trying to create tertiary colours.

    We practised making different strokes and textures using sponges and paint brushes ready to create our final pieces.

  • Science

    This term we have been looking at some new areas of science. We have practised identifying different types of rocks and having a go at describing them. We have also tested the hardness of different rocks samples. We tested the hardness by scratching the samples using different tools and seeing what happened.

    We have also been recapping what we know about animals, sorting them into groups and then creating a knowledge map to show what we know and how we can build on our current knowledge.

    We then began to learn about animal skeletons. We have looked at the three different types of animal skeletons and then we had a go at debating the pros and cons of each skeleton type.

  • Where the Wild Things Are

    This term we had used the book Where the Wild Things Are to inspire some of our work.  In Year 3 we used this to inspire some writing.  When reading the book, we came up with the question: where are the wild things?  After work in literacy, geography and science we planned a setting description. 

    Our trip to Hatfield House park helped us feel inspired too as we sat by the river and brain stormed some descriptive phrases to use in our writing. After this we wrote our own setting description imagining we were Max were sailing though Amazonia.

    We also created Wild Thing headdresses or hats using paper and card. We learnt lots of skills over the term including joining and cutting skills and then tried to apply them to our final pieces.

  • Drama

    In Literacy we looked at a range of fairy tales and what they contain. We discussed that they usually contain good and evil characters. There is often some magic involved in them and they often contain a moral. We acted out some well-known fairy tales with our groups before writing our own fairy tales.
    Can you guess what some of these ones are?

  • Boats

    In PSHE we have been developing our team working skills. We had to find our teams by finding out who had the missing pieces to our puzzle in order to complete our picture. We then were given a plate, piece of foil, Pritt stick, scissors, a lolly pop stick and two pieces of Sellotape and asked to build a boat. The boat had to support three Lego people, be at least 10cm long, have a sail at least 20cm high and float. We were not allowed to use a ruler so had to use our estimation skills. It was very important that we worked as a team in order to be successful.

  • Plants

    In Science we have been investigating plants. We looked at the roots and the different parts which make up a plant. We used a magnifying glass to help us investigate. We then had to draw a detailed picture of what we had seen.

  • Building Towers

    In PSHE we worked on our team work. We learnt all about the importance of good communication and working together. We learnt about listening to each other and taking it in turns to share our ideas. We had to build the biggest tower we could from six sheets of paper and Sellotape. The tower had to be free standing and stand for at least five seconds before falling over. We could rip the paper by hand but could not use scissors. It was a challenging task.

  • Year 3 Parent Activity

    During our Parent Session we used our atlas to locate places in Ancient Greece.  We discussed why they settled in Greece and where Greece is located in Europe.  We identified which seas surround Greece and which countries borders it.

  • Year 3 Celtic Harmony Camp

    In History we have been learning about life in the Stone Age.  We visited Celtic Harmony Camp.  We took part in a range of activities such as making bread and weaving.  We looked at how they would have lived in those days and the tools they would have used.  We were able to see what the Round Houses would have looked like which they lived in.