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Religious Education

Subject Lead: Mrs E Martindale

Religious Education Curriculum

Exploring Religious Education at The Ryde School

RE Autumn 2023

This term classes have been using key questions to develop their understanding of belief. They have been working on respecting different religious values and asking thoughtful questions about what other people believe. Class 6 have been looking at art and architecture in different religions and here was a table top display from their room.


After exploring Diwali, some of our reception children choose to create diva lamps.

Reception class have been exploring Rangoli patterns.

Year 2

Year 2 trip to St Michaels Church

In RE, Year 2 have been learning about Christianity and exploring symbols of the church. We went on a trip to St Michaels Church in Birchwood and learnt about the different parts of a church, what they are for and why the symbol of water is important to Christians.

We have also learnt about the Muslim story of The Crying Camel and thought about what this tells us about how Muslims know what is the right and wrong thing to do.

We have learnt about the ritual of washing before prayer and why it is important to Jews. We had a go at this, saying the prayer and then eating bread.

Year 3

They have been learning about religious symbols and art. They looked at Mandalas and how they can help with a person’s spirituality.

They created mandalas outdoors in groups, they were very beautiful and the children were very proud of their work.

Year 5

They have been finding out about how different religions have different religious objects which are important to them and how they can help a person to pray or remind them of their religious values.

The children look at a number of religious including Christianity, Islam and Judaism.