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  • Production of Porridge

    This term, Year 4 and Year 5 performed a musical play called ‘Porridge’. We especially enjoyed learning the songs and dances as they were catchy and fun to sing. We had to work really hard to learn all our lines as well as when to come on and off the stage. Our parents enjoyed coming to watch it as much as we enjoyed performing it!

  • Dance Festival

    Year 4 and 5 were offered the opportunity to take part in a local dance festival at the Campus West Theatre. They used their dance lessons to create and learn a routine around the theme of the Olympics and chose to dance to the music ‘Chariots of Fire’.

    They loved the experience of performing on a real stage and the experience of being backstage.

  • Science – The Digestive System

    In science we are learning all about the digestive system. To start our topic, we made our own digestive system using orange juice (stomach acid), water (saliva), crackers and banana (food), a food bag (the stomach) and tights (the intestines).

    It started in the mouth where the food was crushed for digestion which was when we added the water as the saliva. As the food moved into the stomach, this is when we added the orange juice to help break the food down. We then used the tights to move the food through the intestines and squeezed out any liquids which left only the waste products.

  • Year 4 trip to Verulamium Museum

    St Albans is our local history study for the Romans. We were excited to visit as we have learnt all about the how the Romans settled in St Albans.

    We started in the museum with a workshop, exploring different artefacts: some were real and some were replicas. We had to work out what we thought the objects were and what they were used for.

    After the workshop we had time to explore the museum. We were excited to see many of the mosaics and tapestries that we studied in our history lessons at school. We were able to look at different coins, farming tools, clothes and even real skeletons!

    We then walked over to the Hypocaust where we were amazed at the size and couldn’t believe the Romans built it.

    Finally, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and walked along the length of the Roman wall that remains, noticing the remains of the towers where the Romans would guard their settlement. We then took a detour up to St Albans Cathedral and around the lake before returning to school.

  • Design and Technology – Crumbles

    This term, Year 4 have been studying electronics and control in Design and Technology. We used ‘Crumbles’ to explore how to create a circuit with different outputs (linked to our science topic) and how to program the sparkles and the motor in different ways.

    Our design brief was to create a moving picture with an element which lights up. We thoroughly enjoyed this project and were delighted with the outcome, so on Friday 15th December, we invited our parents into school to share our projects with them.

    Thank you to @ComputingHubSAC for the loan of the equipment to make this project possible.

  • Christmas Time

    On Wednesday 13th December, we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas dinner with all our friends – our favourite part was definitely the crackers and the bad jokes!

    On Thursday 14th December, the PTA organised for us to meet Santa and decorate biscuits in the Elf’s workshop!

  • The Wind in the Willows

    On Wednesday 22nd November, the whole school had our annual visit from Image Theatre, who performed the story of The Wind in the Willows.

    As always, we thoroughly enjoyed the interactive show, with many children being chosen to take part as characters in the story. The whole school were taught songs which everyone joined in with.

  • Walton-on-the-Naze

    Year 4 enjoyed a wonderful, fun filled day at the beach with the rest of the school. We loved playing in the sea, which many of us hadn’t done before, as well as building and digging on the sand. It gave us an opportunity to explore and discuss the physical and human features of the coast too as well as making comparisons with the coast as a habitat, to that of our school grounds.

  • Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies

    The children in Year 4 and Year 5 worked incredibly hard to rehearse and perform this production to the school and their parents. The children enjoyed the rehearsals as well as learning the songs, dances and the DREADFUL JOKES. It was enjoyable for the children as well as the adults. Dreadful jokes and silly sock phrases was thought to be the best part (as some may think). Some children learnt once you’ve done your first scene you’ll find there is no need to be nervous, but really it was all the children’s hard work that was the best part. They were truly wonderful!

  • Treasure Island Pantomime trip

    On Thursday 15th December, we boarded one of four coaches which took us to the pantomime in Welwyn Garden City at Campus West. This year’s production was Treasure Island! We were welcomed into the theatre by the staff and settled into our seats with our sweets and drinks to enjoy the show.

    The most favourite parts of the performance were:

    • When the actors came into the audience dancing (and many children got a high five!).
    • When water was squirted at us in the audience.
    • 12 days of Christmas song, especially the toilet rolls being thrown into the audience.
    • The songs and dancing (including a popular sea shanty which we all knew the words to).
    • The pantomime dame was very funny.
    • All the slapstick comedy, especially when it got messy!