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Year 4

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  • Climate change workshop

    Here are Year 4 enjoying the lively climate change workshop.

  • Egyptian Masks

    Year 4 enjoyed designing and making an Egyptian mask.

  • Design and Technology – Cooking

    In design and technology, we have been recreating Anglo-Saxon food. We have learnt about what ingredients the Anglo-Saxons would have had and where each of these ingredients come from. We discussed that they wouldn’t have had sugar and learnt that they used honey to sweeten their food instead. We have practised reading recipes, accurately measuring and weighing. Once cooked, the children tasted their products and evaluated them discussing what they thought went well and how they could improve next time. The children enjoyed participating in a parent activity where they we able to make Anglo-Saxon bread.

  • Volcanoes

    In geography, we have been learning about volcanoes. We have looked at what the features of a volcano are, what causes them to form and erupt, and the effects of volcanoes have on the surrounding areas. We have had lots of great discussion about the earthquakes related to the eruption of the volcano in Iceland. We were then able to see footage of the volcano erupting from a drone. The children really enjoyed looking at erupting volcanos and created their own. We mixed together bicarbonate of soda, water, washing up liquid, paint and vinegar to cause our own volcanoes to erupt. We discussed how the different parts of their volcano related to an actual volcano. The children were amazed when they saw their volcanoes erupt. We discussed how the mixture created a chemical reaction which built pressure and pushed the mixture out of the top of their volcano, just like a real one.

  • Electricity and circuits

    In science, we have been looking at electricity and creating simple circuits. The children enjoyed the challenge of getting their light bulb to light up. They discovered that they needed a complete circuit with a battery cell, wires and a light bulb. They practised drawing this out with the correct symbols. The children then moved on to use motors, buzzers and switches in their circuits. They tested out what would happen if the switch was off and how this would look in their drawing. We then discussed conductors and insulators and what we use them for. The children created their own experiment to test each of their different materials to find out if they were conductors or insulators. They found that all of their metal objects were conductors.

  • World Book Day Potatoes

    Here at the Ryde School, we celebrated World Book day on the 22nd March with children bringing in potato book characters from their favourite stories. The children created an array of characters from well-known stories, and these were displayed for everyone in school to see.

    We are constantly encouraging a love of books in school. Did you know that reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success? We hope that the children can use their book vouchers to buy a book online and we look forward to them sharing their choices with us.

  • Pottery

    In our art lessons this term, we have been learning about Roman pottery, linked with our History. Using clay we experimented with shapes and modelling techniques before putting our skills to use and making pottery.
    We thought about what the pottery would have been used for and considered our design ideas. Taking inspiration from Roman pottery patterns, we carved similar patterns into our own.
    Here are some photos of Year 4 experimenting with clay and their final pieces.

  • Tutankhamun Visit

    In Year 4 History, we have been focusing on the Ancient Egyptians. We were very lucky that there was an exhibit about King Tutankhamun and his journey through the afterlife at the Saatchi Gallery in London. On 9th January 2020, the class headed into London to see the exhibit. We saw the artefacts that had been discovered in King Tutankhamun’s tomb. The children enjoyed the trip thoroughly and were able to see Egyptian life and culture of 3000 years ago. The Ryde School was complimented on how polite and considerate the children were to others during this time. Here are some of the photos from our visit.

  • Electricity

    During science this half term the children have started learning about electricity. With their knowledge and understanding of what electricity is, it was time to experiment with circuits. The children used the circuit equipment to test their predictions from scientific drawings of circuits. They had to decide whether it was complete (the bulb would light up) or incomplete (the bulb would not be lit). They enjoyed this activity as they became detectives if the circuit would not work – they needed to find out what was wrong or if a piece of equipment was not working. Year 4 worked wonderfully in groups during this lesson.

  • Maths – multiplication

    In their maths lessons, Year 4 have been working very hard on their multiplication. During these lessons they have been using manipulative materials to help with times tables. In the picture below you can see the children demonstrating their times tables knowledge in the form of arrays. Using the counters helped the children see the times tables visually. This gives the children a method to work out their times tables using dots or counters during their maths learning.