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Parents’ Information

Collective Worship

All pupils attending The Ryde School will take part in a daily act of collective worship at the school.

Collective worship is planned and organised by the school and is wholly or mainly of a broad Christian character. For this purpose Christian means the broad traditions of Christian belief without being distinctive of any particular Christian denomination.

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from collective worship if they wish.

Parental Consultation

Parental consultation evenings are held during the year. It is an opportunity for parents to discuss their children’s progress and to get to know their child’s class teacher. We encourage parents to attend these evenings as it is important for parents and staff to work together to ensure the progress of their children.

Any urgent problems can, and should, be dealt with immediately by contacting the school office to make an appointment to see the teacher or head teacher.

We try to ensure all children are happy at school but should there be any problems or worries concerning your child please do not hesitate to write, telephone or call into the school office to make an appointment, so that we can discuss the matter as soon as possible. If we have problems or worries about your child we shall, of course, contact you.

Please try not to discuss concerns with your child’s class teacher at the beginning or end of the day, unless by appointment, as class teachers have a responsibility to ensure children enter and leave school safely.

The Headteacher has times most days when she is available to talk to parents and visitors. It is a good idea to check her availability by calling in at the school office or by telephoning the school.

School Library

The school has a library which is used regularly by all children in the school. The library provides a source of information for both children and staff. The books cover a wide range of topics and cater for a variety of reading levels and skills. The stock is changed and supplemented as the need arises. Many books have been donated by past and present pupils and families.

The skills needed to fully utilise reference books are taught throughout the school. We encourage the children to come and look upon the books as a source of pleasure as well as a fund of useful information.

The Dewey Decimal System is used in the school library resource centre. This is the system in use at public libraries.