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  • Seaside Day

    Reception class spent the day at the seaside!  It was a glorious day building sandcastles, paddling in the water, making kites, exploring rock pools and designing vehicles that we could use as transport.  No beach trip is complete without an ice cream at the end of the day!

    We enjoyed reading these 2 books:

  • Eric the Hedgehog

    Reception class was very lucky to have a special visitor – Eric the Hedgehog.  In our local school community, we have Pat and Corinne who look after poorly hedgehogs before returning them to the wild.  They bought Eric the Hedgehog for us to meet before he was released.  We learnt what Eric likes to eat, how to look after a poorly hedgehog and how to help hedgehogs in the wild.  We also found out that hedgehogs can swim and they have a tiny tail.

    After meeting Eric the Hedgehog some children decided to design and create hedgehog homes.

    After meeting Eric the Hedgehog some children decided to design and create hedgehog homes.

  • Stockwood Discovery Centre

    Reception class had an exciting trip to Stockwood Discovery Centre to explore transport from the past using the story ‘Mrs Armitage On Wheels’ as inspiration.  We spent the morning in the galleries investigating different sizes of wheels and we even spotted Mrs Armitage and her dog Breakspear.  After our picnic lunch we had a treasure hunt around the grounds using our senses to spot the clues.  It was a great day!

  • Reading with Parents

    The Reception parents have been invited in to school to read with their child.

  • Space


    On Tuesday 1st November 2022, Reception children became astronauts and zoomed into Space!  we explored the moon, our solar system and the biggest star – the sun!  This experience inside an inflatable planetarium sparked so many questions and conversations about space which continued back in our classroom.  We created our own solar systems, explored the surface of the moon by creating craters and became scientists to investigate bubbling planets.

  • From Little Acorns Mighty Oaks Grow

    Our school motto is ‘From Little Acorns Mighty Oaks Grow.’  Reception went on an adventure to find the mighty oak tree.  We found it at the front of our school!  We explored the texture of the tree trunk and collected a little acorn each to take back to our classroom.

  • Outdoor Adventurous Week

    During our Outdoor Adventurous Week, 27th June to 1st July, Reception had the opportunity to explore:

    making a den, having story time in the tent, painting with mud, creating a loom and pinwheels and making banana splits for the camp fire and listening to the popcorn popping!

  • Ark Farm Visit

    We had some very special visitors arrive at The Ryde School.   We learnt how to care for the animals and what each animal needed to stay healthy.  We explored how each animal felt and the different sounds they make.


  • Reception Class building nests

    During Forest School the Reception Class were building nests for the birds.

  • Exploring the ice

    During Forest School the Reception children enjoyed exploring the ice that had formed on the seats around the school grounds.