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  • Outdoor Adventurous Week

    During our Outdoor Adventurous Week, 27th June to 1st July, Reception had the opportunity to explore:

    making a den, having story time in the tent, painting with mud, creating a loom and pinwheels and making banana splits for the camp fire and listening to the popcorn popping!

  • Ark Farm Visit

    We had some very special visitors arrive at The Ryde School.   We learnt how to care for the animals and what each animal needed to stay healthy.  We explored how each animal felt and the different sounds they make.


  • Reception Class building nests

    During Forest School the Reception Class were building nests for the birds.

  • Exploring the ice

    During Forest School the Reception children enjoyed exploring the ice that had formed on the seats around the school grounds.

  • World Book Day Potatoes

    Here at the Ryde School, we celebrated World Book day on the 22nd March with children bringing in potato book characters from their favourite stories. The children created an array of characters from well-known stories, and these were displayed for everyone in school to see.

    We are constantly encouraging a love of books in school. Did you know that reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success? We hope that the children can use their book vouchers to buy a book online and we look forward to them sharing their choices with us.

  • Celebrations

    Reception children have looked at different celebrations around the world. We talked about birthdays and made our own birthday cupcakes. We learnt about Diwali and made some Diva lamps using clay. We spoke about how people celebrate Christmas and made our own Christmas cards.

  • Maps and Trails in Forest School

    During the Forest school session for Reception Class we went on a winter woodland walk and used the large map of the Dell which had been created by the Year 2 class last year as part of the platinum award for the Woodland Trust. It had photos of some of their favourite places and showed where they were on the map.
    We found the black wall and the big tree stump in the middle of The Dell, the doughnut log, the yew tree and also found another tree which makes a good den.

    In addition we noticed different things during our winter walk in The Dell – a nest high in the trees; and had a go to balance on the fallen tree branch.

  • Forest School

    Reception children have enjoyed their first few Forest School sessions this half term. They have been using our school grounds to do lots of fun activities such as building dens, painting leaves and bark and looking for mini beasts.

    The children had a go at making our mini beast hotel nice and cosy for them ready for winter. They all filled a pot with different natural resources such as leaves, cones, straw etc.