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Year 5

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  • Moon Craters

    As part of the science Space theme, year 5 students participated in a child led experiment to investigate why some craters on the moon are of different shape and size. With one common variable being the distance of the drop of an object to the box of flour. The children recorded data to analyse how the size and shape of a variety of objects (independent variables) affected the size of the crater (depth and width being the dependant variable) whilst uncovering a cause and effect relationship. The children also identified that the common variable was not reliable as different children were dropping the objects suggesting there may have been inconsistency.

  • Biographies

    As part of the biography module within Literacy, Year 5 students researched and performed a presentation on the life of the famous palaeontologist Mary Anning. Within this activity they learned to cluster information and use cohesion throughout their presentation in order to effectively engage the audience, whilst presenting the significant events in a chronological order and ensuring the past tense and third person were articulated to conform with the features of a biography.

  • Year 5 Art trip to National Gallery

    As part of the cross curriculum water topic this term, including how a variety of artists portray water in their creations, the children in Year 5 went on a trip to The National Gallery. As a result of this trip the children all have a stronger and more stable understanding of a variety of artist including Monet, Turner, Constable and Renoir and their specialist styles.

  • Year 5 PE

    This term, year 5 has been doing gymnastics in PE. They have progressed over the weeks with the aim of becoming excellent gymnasts. From starting to create bridges on the hall floor they are now, not only including the use of apparatus in the bridges, but also displaying creative ways of moving under and over them, whilst showing control and demonstrating extension skills.

  • DT structures

    As part of the DT the children in year 5 had to create a bridge after researching what made a bridge effective and fit for purpose.  All children were given the same materials and time to create their bridge. After the first attempt they drew their bridge and wrote an evaluation. Using their evaluation they made improvements to their bridges with regards to making them stronger and more stable. The final assessment was to test the strength of the bridges. The strongest bridge held 15 pairs of scissors.


  • Geography

    As part of Year 5 geography the children studied the topic of rivers, the features of a river and rivers around the world. Geography and locations also featured in Literacy whilst studying ‘Why the Whales came’ by Michael Morpurgo. The location of the Isles of Scilly, where the book was based, were identified and through a parent literacy/art activity, images were created based the setting. Geography also featured in our Eco display in which the children created a booklet on the effects of pollution in the seas around the world including the wild life.