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Year 5

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  • Science at The Ryde School 2021 – 2022


    Class 5 have explored the parts of a flowering plant. They dissected a lily and identified the parts that help them reproduce.






    The whole school had a visit from Mrs Thomas who came to speak to use about hedgehogs and how to protect them. Class 5 were very interested as they have worked hard to create different habitats for living things in the school grounds.





    They had a STEM workshop led by the local STEM ambassadors. They had to use a range of skills including coding and knowledge of levers to crack a code and open a safe.

  • National Gallery

    Class 5 went to The National Gallery in London on Tuesday 12th July.

    On the way we saw Buckingham Palace and drove along The Mall.

    We were amazed to see some of the paintings we have studied in class like A Shipwreck on Stormy Seas by Vernet and The Fighting Temeraire by William Turner.

    We Surprise! By Rousseau and we were surprised to see that the tiger looked strange and we remembered that he used plants from botanical gardens and second hand sketches of tigers to make his painting. This meant the painting has a surreal element as he never actual saw a real tiger or real jungle.

    “It was the best trip and it was inspiring because we got to see famous paintings. I liked Whistlejacket because the horse was detailed but it had nothing else in the background,” Phoebe.

  • Water Sports

    Class 5 have been taking part in water sports sessions every week for 5 weeks. We have taken part in a range of activities including paddle boarding, canoeing and kayaking. Every week, we have had to overcome different challenges some of us have felt nervous, some of us found it difficult to steer or control a canoe and others found standing and staying upright on the paddle board difficult. Although we have all had to face different challenges, we have loved taking part in the water sports and we have worked on our resilience, problem solving and we have all tried something new! Well done class 5 these are great life skills.

  • Outdoor and Adventurous Week

    Class 5 have had a great week taking part in outdoor and adventurous week 2022. They have taken part in a wide range of activities which have tested a range of different skills, including; their team work, money handling, communication skills and problem solving abilities.

    Some of the activities that we did this year included; den building, creating Viking gods from clay, making natural mobiles and completing an orienteering route.

  • Cooking and Nutrition

    In Design and Technology, we have been looking at traditional British dishes. We discussed what national dishes are and how they are influenced by what is grown or produced in different places and how often traditional dishes from all over the world are eaten and celebrated by other people too.

    We have made a number of British dishes including crumble and shortbread. We used our cutting and peeling skills to make apple crumble. When making traditional Scottish shortbread, we used our fingers to create breadcrumbs with the flour and butter to make sure it was incorporated.

  • Year 5 Orienteering

    Year 5 were joined by their parents to take part in an orienteering activity as part of their Forestry Award.

  • Science Day

    On Wednesday 23rd March we took part in Science Day, completing different science activities throughout the day and across the school. In the morning Class 5 investigated the best biscuit for dunking. We had to set up our own experiment thinking about the variables, reliability and fair testing of our investigation. We worked in groups and recorded our findings. We then spent time on deciding what conclusions we could make and how to present it. In the afternoon, we got into our house groups and worked on an investigation question related to the human body. For example, do taller people have bigger hands or do longer legs run faster. Class 5 students did an excellent job of supporting other pupils in their house groups.

  • Frame Structure

    In DT (design and technology) Class 5 have been making frame structures which are stable. We made prototypes using lots of different resources like matchsticks and gumdrops or newspaper and tape. With each prototype we found new ways of making a structure stable including triangulation and securing joins or weak points. Our final activity was a parent activity which we loved.  It was nice to have our parents in to help us and share our ideas with. Arjun said ‘I liked trying to build the highest tower, that was a good challenge to start off with’, Zach said ‘I loved how I got to design my own final piece and make my frame separate using a saw and bench hook’. Finally, Mrs Martindale said that she loved how everyone’s final pieces were so different’.

    Written by Aayush Class 5.

  • Art printing

    In art we have been learning about Ancient Chinese paintings and drawings. We studied ‘The Emperor’s journey to Shu’ and found that colour and shape were very important in Ancient Chinese pieces of art.

    We looked at colouring mixing to create mood and feelings. We then looked at Ancient Chinese pottery and saw that dragons were often a feature too. This inspired us to do our own dragon drawings which we then used to create prints from. The printing was our final piece.

    Liam said’ I liked rolling the paint onto the foam block and seeing the negative of my print’.

    Written by Helen

  • Science

    In Science, Class 5 have been learning about many things this includes the gestation time of different animals, identifying different parts of a flowering plant including what parts make it reproduce, as well as experiments to investigate whether solids dissolve in a liquid to create a solution. Samuel said ‘I enjoyed the investigation when we tested different substances in a liquid and it made solutions. But not all of them did’. Leo said ‘I liked dissecting a flower and finding out the male and female parts’. Class 5 enjoyed the experiments most, Owen commented ‘I enjoyed the different practical things we have done, I really enjoyed using lots of different equipment to test what dissolved in lemonade’.

    Written by Dylan Class 5.