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Subject Lead: Miss C Brumby

Computing Curriculum

Exploring Computing at The Ryde School

Year 1

Year 1 spent time learning how to log themselves into their Purple Mash accounts and why it is important to keep their passwords safe.

They also learnt what an algorithm is and used the bee bot app on the iPad as well as the physical bee-bots to create their own purposeful algorithms.

Year 2

BeeBots – coding

When learning about coding and algorithms, we used the BeeBots and learnt how to program them to move in a certain way. They had to follow the roads on the mats or go inside the tunnels.

Year 3

All KS2 children at The Ryde, including Year 3, took part in the ‘Be Internet Legend’ live virtual assembly. This helped the pupils to build their knowledge of online safety with interactive challenges.

Year 4

Year 4 children learnt how to role-play the job of a journalist in a newsroom. they interpreted a variety of incoming communications and used these to build up the details of a story. Finally, they used this information to write their own newspaper report.

For their online safety unit, the children created ‘Top tips’ posters for other children to share their learning around the subject. They learnt about protecting their information, online bullying, knowing what’s real and fake and digital footprints.

Year 5

Vowel counter – spread sheet work:

They learnt that spreadsheets can be used for carrying out investigations. They were given the challenge to test the hypothesis: Is ‘e’ the most popular vowel in English?

Database work on planets:

During this unit, the children learnt to create their own database on a chosen topic. The children know what a database is and learnt how to add records and fields to their database. The have shown an understanding of how to word questions so that they can be effectively answered using a search of their database.

Work on using google docs- creating fact file for Viking gods.

Year 5 were able to create a word processing document, altering the look of the text and navigating around the document.

Year 6

Year 6 created stop motion animations using models that they had created. They planned their animations carefully in their groups using a storyboard template, before bringing it to life.

They took part in a workshop introducing them to BBC Micro:bits  They learnt about the different parts of a Micro:bit and their functions. Afterwards, they were shown how to code, download, test and improve their algorithms when using it to control a robot.

As part of their coding unit, they were taught key concepts including: selection, IF/ELSE statements, prompt, number variable, timer (after/ every), event, object, action, co-ordinates. They were required to use these concepts in order to create their own design of a catching game.

Year 6 learnt how to use ‘Google slides’, on Google Classroom, to present their learning about South America in Geography. They learnt how to add text boxes; change backgrounds of slides; add pictures, map, diagrams; including shapes e.g. arrows as well as using different transitions of images, text and slides.