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Design and Technology


Design and Technology is about making something for somebody for a purpose. In Early Years, much of the time spent on design and technology is spent exploring and combining different materials. In doing this, children learn about the properties of materials and how to use them to solve problems. As their projects progress, children experience success and failure, which helps them to build resilience. As they have ideas, children need to find creative ways to fulfil them.


Year 1

Year 2

They have been learning about structures around the world and how to make a strong, stiff and stable structure themselves. Children designed their own structure, a bridge. They practised drilling, screwing, gluing and nailing materials to strengthen products and enjoyed testing their bridge.

They have enhanced their sewing skills whilst making a puppet as a final product. The children independently sewed on buttons and completed a running stitch to hold two pieces of fabric together.

They have designed and made a healthy dish – a fruit kebab. The children learnt how to cut, peel, grate, measure and weigh ingredients safely and hygienically.

Year 3


Year 3 have experimented with levers and linkages, using prototypes to develop their ideas and measuring accurately in centimetres. The children enjoyed practising their new skills whilst making a waving hand or snapping crocodile.


They really enjoyed tasting different types of bread and fillings, some for the first time. The children drew ‘exploded sandwiches’ to show a new design for a healthy sandwich, sketching different flavours and textures of foods. After making and trying their sandwich, the children then evaluated their product.


They have evaluated different types of pencil case so they could design their own. The children designed a case using felt with sewing to join pieces together and attach a button as a fastener. The children practised a running, over sew and blanket stitch. Finally, they choose appropriate joining techniques for the decorations they chose.

Year 4

They have been exploring different packaging and learning about nets. They practised making various 3D shapes from a net and deconstructing a 3D shape to understand how it is formed from a net. The children then used this knowledge to make a sarcophagus from a net they had designed.

Year 5

Year 6

They have been putting their growing Design Technology knowledge and skills to use making these Gingerbread Houses.

The children investigated and researched existing edible houses to inspire a design. Then tested and improved the design using a prototype, measuring accurately. Next the children demonstrated a range of baking and cooking techniques, understanding the importance of correct storage and handling of ingredients (using knowledge of micro-organisms) including hygiene. After that they constructed and decorated a house out of edible resources using a variety of tools. Finally evaluating their product against a design criterion. The children used their time efficiently, working constructively and productively with others.