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Year 6

  • Making Gingerbread Houses

    Our design and technology project this term was edible houses. We began our topic by finding out about the history of gingerbread and how decorative houses came about. We then thought about our success criteria by researching other edible houses and deciding what we thought ours should include. Next was planning and designing: we sketched our house design and decorations into our books then annotated it. Before we could bake our biscuits we had to make prototypes to check the measurements and design of the house itself. Then the fun part! We spent an afternoon baking our biscuits by carefully following the instructions and using tools to mix and cut our biscuits to the correct measurements. Finally, we invited our parents into school to help us construct and beautifully decorate our final gingerbread houses.

  • Bikeability

    During bikeability week we learnt how to ride our bikes safely on the road. We started on the school playground and we were taught how to do a bicycle safety check, and we had some time to work through each item on the checklist as a group. Once we had learnt how to check our bikes properly, we started riding our bikes on the playground, learning how to do hand signals so that drivers know where we are going. The last stage of the course was completed on the road where we had to put all our learning from school into practise.

  • Joy of Reading

    On 23rd October 2019 we went to the University of Hertfordshire, where we met an author called Christopher Edge. He presented to us and lots of other local schools about his books and what inspired him to write. Some of his most famous books include: The Many Worlds of Albie Bright; The Infinite Lives of Masie Day and The Longest Night of Charlie Noon. He talked to us a lot about science and codebreaking, which we had learnt about at school and at Bletchley Park. We were lucky enough to have to opportunity to buy a copy of one of his books and have it signed by him!

  • Bletchley Park

    Year 6 visited Bletchley Park as part of our World War Two topic in history. We began the day by visiting their new exhibition Secrecy and Security – Keeping Safe Online. We had a chance to visit the huts where Alan Turin’s office is located, and had a go at the interactive displays. After lunch, we had a guided tour of the grounds and learnt some interesting facts about the park and its use during the war. We finished the day with a workshop called ‘Inception to intelligence’ where we learnt about the Enigma machine and tried to decode some German messages.