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Year 1

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  • Forest School – Spring 2020

    This term we have been enjoying taking part in forest school and exploring the outdoors. We have been developing our fine motor skills using the hammer and nails and clay to create our own models.

    We have also really enjoyed having hot chocolate and biscuits!

  • History – Queen Elizabeth I

    In history, we have been learning about Queen Elizabeth I. We have watched videos, read books and looked at pictures to help us understand more about Queen Elizabeth’s life and how she became the Queen of England. We visited the Old Palace in Hatfield House, where Elizabeth lived when she was growing up and did some sketching of the different features. We saw the oak tree where Elizabeth was sitting when she found out that she was going to be the Queen of England.

    It was exciting to be walking where Queen Elizabeth I would have walked over 400 years ago. When we got back to school we put ourselves in Queen Elizabeth’s shoes and thought about how she might have felt when she became Queen.

  • Art – Using Nature to Make Faces

    In art we have been looking at the painting ‘Summer’ by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. We have completed observational drawings of leaves and fruit and vegetables, experimented with power paint and made primary and secondary colours. At the end of this topic, we went outside and found lots of different materials that we could use to make a face, just like the one in Arcimboldo’s painting. We used sticks, leaves, grass, acorns, pine cones and lots more.

  • Circus Workshop

    This half term we completed a science workshop looking at forces and magnets. We completed lots of different activities such as balancing clowns on string, making our own spinning tops, using magnets to get the animal out the maze and seeing how far our foam rockets will go. We had lots of fun!

  • Our Senses

    In year 1 we have been exploring the human body and our 5 senses. We became ‘sense detectives’ and were given clues to help us to find the missing teddy bear. We completed lots of different experiments where we had to taste, hear, see, touch and smell things. We have also used our learning about senses to help us in Literacy. We are looking at the poem ‘That’s What I Like’ by Janice Johnston and having a go at writing our own poems based on things we like to see, smell, hear, taste and touch.

  • Making Stuart Houses – Parent Activity

    This half term we have been learning about The Great Fire of London in history. We have explored where and how the fire started and compared houses from 1666 to the houses we live in today. With the help of our parents, we made our own Stuart houses and then recreated The Great Fire of London to help us understand why and how the fire spread so quickly. We had lots of fun creating the houses and were all amazed by how quickly they were destroyed by the fire.