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Year 2

  • Would zebras be better off without lions?

    This term we have been learning more about predators, prey and producers. We thought about a question “Would zebras be better off without lions?” We watched videos about how lions and zebras behave in the wild and what they eat. We then drew food chains to show what we had found out. Then we acted out being lions and zebras.

    We talked about food sources and watering holes. Some people were lions. They ‘ate’ the older and slower zebras. Then we took away all the lions. More and more zebras were in our grass lands and soon we ran out of water and food. We went back into class and discussed what we found out. Most children decided that we need lions/predators in habitats to make sure everything in the food chain survives. What other questions could you ask about animals and their habitats?

  • RAF Hendon

    This term we have been finding out about a part of Hatfield’s History. We learnt about Geoffrey de Havilland and the Aerodrome that was in Hatfield. We looked at some aerial view images of how the site, where the aerodrome was, has changed overtime. We noticed that the runway and factory buildings changed overtime to become houses and streets. We also spotted that some of the road names are named after people who worked at the aerodrome or named after planes that were made there almost 70 years ago. So keep an eye out for Cunningham Avenue, Mosquito Way or The Runway when you are out and about in Hatfield.
    We had a great day at RAF Hendon Museum: it was great to see some examples of the planes, that would have been made in Hatfield, up close. Our tour guide Jo told us about pilots like John Cunningham and some of us got to dress up in their old uniforms. We looked at old photographs of the gatehouse and office buildings and compared them to how they look now.

  • Maths

    This term we have been working very hard in our Maths lessons. We have been focussing on our understanding of number, including; number facts, place value, doubling and representing numbers in different ways. As you can see from the photos we have been using lots of different pieces of maths equipment to help us with our understanding. In place value lessons we have been using tens rods and ones cubes to make 2-digit numbers as well as using number lines to show where a number is placed.

  • Science Workshop

    This term we have also enjoyed a science workshop run by Set Point. We took part in lots of different activities that were all linked to different types of forces. We experimented with rockets of different sizes and had to decide what type of rocket went the furthest and why. We also looked at spinning tops, we attached bluetac to different parts of the spinning top to change the way it moved. One of our favourite activities was building a ramp for a marble which then bounced on a trampoline and into a pot. We had to make the ramp ourselves deciding how tall and how far away it had to be to complete its journey.

  • Forest School

    This term we have been enjoying taking part in forest school. We have been working on our fine motor skill using the hammer and nails to create our own models. After collecting different natural objects we then enjoyed painting and decorating our found objects using lots of different colours and patterns. We really enjoyed lighting the campfire and toasting marshmallows. Some of us also made bracelets by dying string using natural dyes and thing plaiting them.