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The Nursery children have become Scientists this week. We discussed which item/objects would be the best to get the toy animals out of the block of ice. Most of the children predicted that the hammer and ball would be the most effective at breaking away the ice. We then decided to test our theories. The …

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The Nursery children have enjoyed doing lots of baking this term. They have been busy making shortbread biscuits and decorating them with icing to look like fireworks. They had lots of fun saying the sounds of the fireworks as they drizzled the icing and sprinkled the sprinkles on top. They have also been making gingerbread …

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Settling in

The Nursery children have had a lovely first week settling into Nursery. They have enjoyed exploring all the different areas in the classroom; painting, building and playing in the home corner. They have also enjoyed exploring our outdoor area; playing on the slide, balancing on the climbing frames, singing on our outdoor stage and pretending …

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