Knebworth Park

Year 1 have been learning about plants and how they grow in science. Using our knowledge, we have then written explanations of plant life cycles in our English lessons.  On Wednesday 28th June we visited Knebworth House to find out more.

In the walled garden we learnt about different pollinators. They are growing banana trees which are pollinated by bats! We looked at different types of seeds and the different fruit and vegetables they grow into. After, our guide showed us some of the different tress they grow in the gardens. They have a huge soft tree that is 200 years old, it is called a Redwood. Even though it was giant it is still a baby, they can grow up to 3000 years old. We then went into the herb garden and discovered lots of different ways herbs can be used for food and medicine. We were all able to plant our own seed to take home and look after.

After the plant workshop we went on the dinosaur trail. We looked at all the dinosaurs, some were herbivores, some were carnivores.

After lunch we had a chance to play in the playground and the huge fort. The towers were really high, we could see all of Stevenage.