Mill Green Museum: The Great Fire of London

First we played a true or false game about the Great Fire of London. Then we matched labels to objects from 1666, the time of the Great Fire of London, and matched them to pictures of modern day objects. Next we went into the mill to learn from the miller how wheat is turned into flour. There is a water wheel which turns the cogs which turns the mill stones to grind the wheat to make the flour.

Then we went into Thomas Farriner’s Bakery (the kings baker in 1666) to make our own bread roll using the flour from the mill.

After our very happy and yummy lunch we continued our activities. First we learnt how archaeologists find out about the past finding artefacts underground and we then dug for treasures ourselves. We found metal coins, precious jewels, bones and many more clues about the past.

We made a Tudor house and then to end the day we played a game to race the bucket down the line to put out the Great Fire of London as quickly as possible.

We have really enjoyed our trip to Mill Green Museum!