Maths Day

During our Year 2 maths day, we immersed ourselves in the world of shapes and patterns. We read the book ‘The Perfect Fit’ by Naomi Jones, which tells the story of a triangle struggling to fit in with other shapes. Through discussions, we explored the reasons behind the triangle’s challenges. After reading the book, we delved deeper into 2D shapes and discovered the concept of tessellation. Using the shapes, we created our own tessellations by tracing around the shapes and arranging them to form patterns. This engaging activity allowed us to deepen our understanding of shapes and patterns.

“Triangles are too pointy” – Mirabel

“A circle has one curved side and a triangle does not” – Daniel V

“A triangle has 3 vertices but a circle has none” – Dragos

Tessellation is when the shapes fit together with no gaps” – Maddie