In Science this term, Class 2 have been learning about animals. We had some very special visitors come to see us to help us identify the groups.  We can sort animals by their differences. Mrs Tiplady brought in her dog, Teddy and Miss Spurr brought in her tortoise, Buzz. We also looked at a fish (although this one was very slimy!) we found it very interesting as we could see close up the fishes’ gills and fins. We learnt that tortoises, dogs and fish cannot all be in the same group as they all have different needs. Tortoises/reptiles are cold-blooded and are often found in warm countries whereas dogs/mammals are warm blooded. Fish only live in the water, whereas some mammals and reptiles can live either in land or

water. We then went on to think about baby animals. We looked at photos of ourselves as babies and compared this to what we look like now. We matched animals to their young and learnt that baby animals often have a different name to the adult e.g. foal – horse, cub – lion, tadpole – frog and calf – cow.