Year 4 trip to Verulamium Museum

St Albans is our local history study for the Romans. We were excited to visit as we have learnt all about the how the Romans settled in St Albans.

We started in the museum with a workshop, exploring different artefacts: some were real and some were replicas. We had to work out what we thought the objects were and what they were used for.

After the workshop we had time to explore the museum. We were excited to see many of the mosaics and tapestries that we studied in our history lessons at school. We were able to look at different coins, farming tools, clothes and even real skeletons!

We then walked over to the Hypocaust where we were amazed at the size and couldn’t believe the Romans built it.

Finally, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and walked along the length of the Roman wall that remains, noticing the remains of the towers where the Romans would guard their settlement. We then took a detour up to St Albans Cathedral and around the lake before returning to school.