Hatfield House

To start the term, we went on a whole school trip to Hatfield House. We had a focus of Maths and Geography.

Year 5 first followed the blue trail on the map they were given. They then followed the blue trail using the map and marked on any points of interest e.g. the Elizabeth Oak Tree, the Chinese Bridge, the Jubilee and Wake Woods and the Elephant Dell. Once back at school, we plotted these points carefully and identified their grid references.

In the afternoon, we were given random distances on cards to estimate the distances of. We were able to use 1 metre tape measures to help us understand how far 1 metre was and used it to help us estimate longer distances. Once estimated, we measured them accurately using trundle wheels.

Finally, before the rain sent us under shelter, we learnt how to use a compass to identify the four cardinal directions and what we could see at each of the points.