Shakespeare Workshop – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This workshop was for Classes 5 and 6 and performed by The Young Shakespeare Company. Some children volunteered to join in the performance; 4 people from Year 5 and 3 people from Year 6. The children had to dress up as a characters from the story, Hypolita, Duke T, Helena, Demetruis, Lysander and Hermia. The adults joined in as some of the characters like, Nick Bottom, Peter Quince, Flute, Snout, Starvelling and Snug.  They were also fairies like, Titania who is the Queen of the fairies, Oberon who is the King of the fairies, who is also married to Titania.  While the rest of the classes went outside for a break, the children who were acting in the play learnt quick and easy lines and had fabulous costumes to go with the theme of the play.

Following the workshop, the children completed some work on this Shakespeare play, in their English lessons.  They made letters and wedding invitations for the characters in the play and also wrote a wanted poster for the character named Nick Bottom.