Outdoor Adventurous Week

We loved outdoor and adventurous week – our last ever one at this school!

We made clinometers out of protractors, straws and string. We used these to help us measure the height of different trees and taller objects around the school grounds. We had to make sure the string on the clinometer was at a 45˚ angle when looking through the straw. This meant that between us, the bottom of the tree and the top of the tree we had made an isosceles triangle.


We enjoyed our tasty breakfast bagels which we toasted on the campfire.

The Ryde Journey

For one of our activities for OAA week we looked at the work of Richard Long. He inspired us to create small sketch books inspired by places around The Ryde.  We chose the media we wanted to work with and some us wrote small poetic sentences to go with our drawings and sketches.

Dream Catchers

We created dream catchers from bamboo. We had to bend and shape the willow and cut string and holes into the calico before threading and decorating the material.

Den Building