Internet Safety Day

On the 7th February 2023 we celebrated Internet Safety Day. This year’s theme was ‘Want to Talk About It?’. We started by interviewing our friends within the class to find out about their favourite things to do online. This kickstarted our conversations about how amazing technology and the internet are and all the things we can do online. We then read the story of ‘Hanni and the Magic Window’ and discussed how the internet isn’t perfect and sometimes people use it in ways that are unkind or unsafe. We thought about adults both inside and outside of school who we trust that we could talk to if something doesn’t quite feel right online.

Simphiwe – “I enjoyed the story about Hanni and the Magic Window. We can get better if we talk about it”.

Anna – “I know that if I see something upsetting online, I must tell an adult because they can make it go away.”