Parent Activity – Science

Our parent activity this term was linked to our learning in science on the suitability of materials. We started with a story “Poor Uncle Astro! He wants to make a nice cup of tea but he’s run out of tea bags. The shop is only selling packets of loose tea leaves. Uncle Astro doesn’t like tea leaves floating around in his drink and likes his tea a lovely light brown colour. Can you make him some tea bags?” In class we started by sharing our predictions on what material we thought would work best.

Isabel – “I think felt because it is thin and will let out the colour.”

Gabriel – “I think the fabric because it won’t break in the water.”

We then thought about how we could make sure it is a fair test. During the experiment, we would make sure to use the same amount of tea leaves, the same size of material and the same amount of dunking time. We completed the experiment with our grown-ups and recorded our findings. Back in class we shared our results:

Maddie – “Tissue paper looked like a real tea bag!”

Aubree – “Tin foil did not work because it was too thick.”

James – “I learnt that felt was the best because it made the right colour tea with no bits.”