This term we have been learning about light, sound and electricity.  We have really enjoyed carrying out different experiments to help develop our understanding.  We explored different sources of light and learnt which objects reflect light.  We know that candles, torches, bulbs and the sun are all sources of light and mirrors and spoons reflect light.  We then moved on to explore sound.  We learnt where sound comes from and how sound travels.  We completed the cup and string experiment and learnt that sound travels through vibrations.  Finally, we explored electricity.  We learnt that we get electricity from the mains (plugged into the wall) and from batteries.  We sorted different appliances and objects based on what type of electricity they use.  We were then given a bulb, a battery and two wires and tried to turn the light bulb on.  This was a struggle at first as we couldn’t figure it out, however after realising that both wires have to touch the battery and the bulb, we all managed to have a ‘light bulb moment’!