Learning to play a brass instruments

This year we started to learn a brass instrument.  When we first started playing we found it a bit tricky getting all of the notes correct and making sure that the notes sounded good.  After a few lessons, we started learning high notes which were also tricky to play at first but then we started to get the hang of it.  Our notes started to sound better and we were better at playing in time with each other. Later on we started playing the notes really well and started to learn a few musical pieces like Copycat and the Blues and we enjoyed it.

It was really fun playing our instruments this year because every Monday afternoon in 3 groups [2 cornets and 1 baritone] we would go over to the nursery and play our instruments for 40 minutes with Mr Cranham.  Quite a lot of the time our valves would get stuck and Mr Cranham would help unstick them with cornet oil, which smells funny!

We can’t wait to continue playing until December 2022 when we will hand the instruments over to the new year 4 children who will then learn to play the brass instruments.