Camp Out

Class 6 really enjoyed the camp out at the weekend. They enjoyed lots of different activities and were able to spend some time with their class mates outside of a usual school day.

Firstly, we set up our camp, put up our tents and sorted out a cosy place to sleep. Later, Ms Burns lit the camp fire and we listened to stories around the fire. After a few stories we had a hot dinner of pizza, chips and veggies around the campfire.

After our dinner, it was time to play games in the dark.  To start with, the children were put into four teams and then using their torches had to find 5 pieces of coloured equipment that had been hidden all around the grounds. Some teams were better at finding things than others, red team won in the end. Well done red team!

Lots of Class 6 had asked to play hide and seek in the dark next, so that is what we did! Quietly, Mrs Thompson had hidden first and so the class had to find her before they could hide and be found by the teachers. Some of the class were very good at staying quiet and finding dark places to hide and made it very hard for the teachers to find them.

When it started getting late, we had smores around the campfire and some people started to get a bit tired and were wanting to go to bed. Some of the class got ready in their PJ’s and cleaned their teeth while others had one last go at hide and seek in the dark.

We then had time in the tents to chat and chill before bed. Some fell asleep more quickly and there were definitely a few snores heard from different tents!

Lots of the class woke up early, between 5:30am and 7am. At 8am the class sat down to a breakfast they chose and enjoyed a range of tasty things like mango, strawberries, different juices, a range of cereals, toast and a selection of pancakes and pastries. Tasty!

We designed flags for a few games of capture the flag, they stayed in their colours groups from the previous evening and were given a base which they had to keep and protect their flag from the other groups. In the end four groups merged into 2 and yellow and red won the game.


Then it was snack time, followed by a carousel of activities including craft activities, den building, clay, and using the hammock and some people chilled in their tents with friends and played games.

Saturday was Aayush’s birthday so before it was time to pack away the children got to have cake and sing happy birthday to him too.

It was a lovely experience for Class 6 to spend time with friends and stay away from home. They all did really well.