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Trip to Mill Green Museum

In history we have been learning about the Great Fire of London in 1666. The fire started in a bakery because they didn’t have electricity and used fire to cook on. We visited a real mill where they make flour, we learnt about how the grain is turned into flour using a water mill. It …

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Science at The Ryde School 2021 – 2022

  Class 1 introduced Venn diagrams and sorted materials according to their properties. They looked at ‘silly’ materials to help build the children’s understanding of what properties different materials have.             Class 1 went a trip to Knebworth House and took part in a seed workshop. They looked at uses …

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Science – Live link to Frazoo

We were lucky enough to meet some more unusual animals via a live link session with Frazoo. This was to support the learning in science on animals, especially invertebrates and vertebrates. We met the snakes Charlie and Lola, a stick insect called Betty and a chameleon called Beaker. He could lick his own eyeball! These …

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Year 1 English – Wanted: The Perfect Pet

In Year 1, since returning to school, we have been sharing the story ‘Wanted: The Perfect Pet’ by Fiona Roberton. The main focus of this story is to teach and remind us about the importance of friendship. The illustrations are beautiful and the children did some lovely drawings of the duck, Spot, feeling different emotions. …

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World Book Day Potatoes

Here at the Ryde School, we celebrated World Book day on the 22nd March with children bringing in potato book characters from their favourite stories. The children created an array of characters from well-known stories, and these were displayed for everyone in school to see. We are constantly encouraging a love of books in school. Did you …

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Forest School – Spring 2020

This term we have been enjoying taking part in forest school and exploring the outdoors. We have been developing our fine motor skills using the hammer and nails and clay to create our own models. We have also really enjoyed having hot chocolate and biscuits!

History – Queen Elizabeth I

In history, we have been learning about Queen Elizabeth I. We have watched videos, read books and looked at pictures to help us understand more about Queen Elizabeth’s life and how she became the Queen of England. We visited the Old Palace in Hatfield House, where Elizabeth lived when she was growing up and did …

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Art – Using Nature to Make Faces

In art we have been looking at the painting ‘Summer’ by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. We have completed observational drawings of leaves and fruit and vegetables, experimented with power paint and made primary and secondary colours. At the end of this topic, we went outside and found lots of different materials that we could use to make …

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Circus Workshop

This half term we completed a science workshop looking at forces and magnets. We completed lots of different activities such as balancing clowns on string, making our own spinning tops, using magnets to get the animal out the maze and seeing how far our foam rockets will go. We had lots of fun!

Our Senses

In year 1 we have been exploring the human body and our 5 senses. We became ‘sense detectives’ and were given clues to help us to find the missing teddy bear. We completed lots of different experiments where we had to taste, hear, see, touch and smell things. We have also used our learning about …

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