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Design and Technology – Puppet Making

This term in Design and Technology we have been making hand puppets. We started by exploring a range of puppets and discussing their features and what materials they are made from. In our second lesson we explored ways of joining material. Using the template provided, we worked with fabric to create, make and decorate a …

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Internet Safety Day

On the 7th February 2023 we celebrated Internet Safety Day. This year’s theme was ‘Want to Talk About It?’. We started by interviewing our friends within the class to find out about their favourite things to do online. This kickstarted our conversations about how amazing technology and the internet are and all the things we …

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Parent Activity – Science

Our parent activity this term was linked to our learning in science on the suitability of materials. We started with a story “Poor Uncle Astro! He wants to make a nice cup of tea but he’s run out of tea bags. The shop is only selling packets of loose tea leaves. Uncle Astro doesn’t like …

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Science at The Ryde School 2021 – 2022

Alive, dead, never been alive     We placed a hula hoop on an area of the field and used magnifying glasses to help us find things that are alive, dead or never been alive. We thought carefully about grass and had a discussion about whether it is alive or never been alive. Some of …

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Year 2 trip to Barnet Environment Centre

Year 2 visited the Barnet Environment Centre and had a great time.  They took part in several activities but the favourite ones were the pond dipping and identifying all the different creatures that they caught in their nets.


In D&T we have been learning about structures. We began by looking at different structures such as the Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, the CN Tower and Big Ben and explored different materials to see what would be best to make our own structure. We thought about stability and how we can make a structure …

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Pirate Day

This term we have been learning about Pirates. We have created our own pirate menu and pirate rules, using adjectives and adverbs to add description. We learnt about famous pirates, such as Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Anne Bonny and Mary Read and created a wanted poster using what we learnt to explain the crime they might …

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In Science this term, Class 2 have been learning about animals. We had some very special visitors come to see us to help us identify the groups.  We can sort animals by their differences. Mrs Tiplady brought in her dog, Teddy and Miss Spurr brought in her tortoise, Buzz. We also looked at a fish …

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Year 2 Forest School

This term we have enjoyed exploring the outdoors again in Forest School. After collecting different natural objects, we enjoyed painting and decorating these using lots of different colours and patterns. We have loved using the hammer and nails and clay to make models. We have also chosen a flower bed and been busy tidying this …

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Learning to tell the time

This term in maths, we have been learning to tell the time. We began by thinking about what the hands on a clock mean and working out how many seconds in a minute, how many minutes in an hour and how many hours in a day. We realised that we can split the clock into …

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