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Science at The Ryde School 2021 – 2022

  Class 4 have been learning about electrical circuits, they had to make a circuit which worked and worked out the rules involved in making a complete circuit.         The children have worked on locating microhabitats around the school and what conditions are created in these micro-habitats.           …

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Learning to play a brass instruments

This year we started to learn a brass instrument.  When we first started playing we found it a bit tricky getting all of the notes correct and making sure that the notes sounded good.  After a few lessons, we started learning high notes which were also tricky to play at first but then we started …

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Outdoor and Adventure Week

Outdoor and Adventure Week Recently we had outdoor and adventure week. So this is when we do lots of our work and lessons outside. We have a fun time doing different activities, new ones and ones we have done before. In this picture we did a new activity, called whittling when you have a tool …

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Parent Activity – Historical artefacts

A couple of weeks ago we had our parent activity.  The activity was all about working out if the artefacts were Roman, Ancient Egyptian or Anglo Saxon time. We then had to work out who would off have worn it or used it in that time. In this picture you can see an example of …

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Trip to Verulamium

Recently we went to Verulamium Museum which is all about the Roman life in St Albans. It showed us all the artefacts and mosaics they had found by archaeologists that excavated the Verulamium land.  In the pictures below it shows us looking at a huge mosaic that had been preserved for 2000 years. We then …

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Climate change workshop

Here are Year 4 enjoying the lively climate change workshop.

Egyptian Masks

Year 4 enjoyed designing and making an Egyptian mask.

Design and Technology – Cooking

In design and technology, we have been recreating Anglo-Saxon food. We have learnt about what ingredients the Anglo-Saxons would have had and where each of these ingredients come from. We discussed that they wouldn’t have had sugar and learnt that they used honey to sweeten their food instead. We have practised reading recipes, accurately measuring …

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In geography, we have been learning about volcanoes. We have looked at what the features of a volcano are, what causes them to form and erupt, and the effects of volcanoes have on the surrounding areas. We have had lots of great discussion about the earthquakes related to the eruption of the volcano in Iceland. …

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Electricity and circuits

In science, we have been looking at electricity and creating simple circuits. The children enjoyed the challenge of getting their light bulb to light up. They discovered that they needed a complete circuit with a battery cell, wires and a light bulb. They practised drawing this out with the correct symbols. The children then moved …

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