We have had three science lessons since being back and have started some new topics.

We first looked at magnets, we collected ideas of what we knew already and then we had some time to explore and experiment with a number of different types of magnets. We came up with some great observations. We noticed that sometimes magnets push and sometimes they pull something towards itself, some parts of the magnets attract and others repel and you can feel the force of the magnet when you push two ends together. We then tested different materials and checked to see if they were magnetic or not, we found out that not all materials are magnetic.

We have also been learning about the nutrition of humans and animals. We looked at the Eat Well Plate which sets out how much of each food group is best for humans. We then looked at what nutrients humans need. We talked about whether a human could live a healthy life on the diet of a parrot. We decided it couldn’t because they have a very different diet to a humans’ and do not eat enough of a number of important food groups.