Snow Day

Recently, we had a frosty night in December when snow fell heavily and we all woke up to thick, untouched snow covering our cars and pathways around us!! You looked out your windows to see people scraping ice from their cars and children wrapping up warm before heading out.

Most schools had closed down because of the bitter weather so children all from the Ryde who hadn’t been told yet waited excitedly to hear if they had to go in or not which we were soon told we did.

Some children in a few classes had not been able to attend school, but the ones that could enjoyed the snow with their friends.

Everyone enjoyed sledding down the steep, school hill and having snowball fights with each other!! We were lucky enough that loads of children with sledges shared them with others so no one missed out on a go! It was so much fun but you had to keep your eyes peeled because you never knew when a snowball would be coming at you and the teachers were targeted many times.

All of us, including the adults, had fingertips as cold as ice and toes falling off, but that didn’t stop us from having a pleasurable time.

After time, we had to head back inside but that wasn’t the end because we then got a warm hot chocolate to warm us up while sitting back to watch a movie. I think we all loved this day and it will be one we will never forget!!

Written by Summer and Sheena (Class 5)