Young Voices

At the beginning of Spring Term, our Young Voices choir embarked on an unforgettable journey to the O2 Arena, where they joined 8,000 other young voices for a mesmerising musical event.  Since September, our choir has dedicated themselves to weekly lunchtime rehearsals, meticulously preparing a diverse repertoire of songs and dances for this highly anticipated occasion.

Featuring a range of popular hits, Gospel tunes, and show tune medleys, the Young Voices repertoire delighted both performers and audience alike.  Highlights of the evening included energetic renditions of ‘Walk the Dinosaur’, captivating mash-ups of Moana and Matilda and more.

After an intensive three-hour rehearsal session in the afternoon, the lights dimmed and the arena erupted with excitement as the concert began.  Our children were entertained by special guest artists, including MC Grammar, Natalie Williams and the incredible drumming talents of 13-year old Nandi Bushell.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our enthusiastic supporters, whose energy and encouragement added to the atmosphere of the evening.  A particularly memorable moment was the spirited dance-off between the audience and our children, set to iconic 90s tunes.

Our Young Voices choir showcased their talent and dedication, representing The Ryde School with pride.  We commend them for their stamina, enthusiasm, and positive spirit throughout the event.  Special appreciation also goes to our dedicated staff team and parent volunteers whose efforts ensured a safe and memorable experience for all.

Quotes from our Young Voices

Here are a few remarks from pupils who attended the Young Voices Choir event.  Based on their feedback, it seems they had an incredible experience!

“It was mind-blowing.” James, Year 4

“It was fun and I loved the songs.” Isabel, Year 3

“I liked that we got the chance to be in the biggest choir and it was really fun. I got to sing and dance. It was a great opportunity that we may not have again.” Amanda, Year 5

“It was magical.” Ella, Year 4

“I loved the Rock music.” James, Year 3

“I liked how everyone bonded.  There were loads of people but we all did the same thing.” Lucy, Year 5

“Everyone singing together in harmony and the experience good altogether.” Phoebe. O, Year 3

“I think the atmosphere was really good and we got to sing the songs we had been learning.” Oliver, Year 6

“A breath-taking experience.” Kirubanraj, Year 4

“The medleys were really creative.” Zofia, Year 6

“I loved the lights and singing together.” Lindiwe, Year 3

“I thought it was a life-changing experience.” Hisham, Year 4